Sunday, June 25, 2006

God's Hand

Psalms 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou visitest him?

We went on a trip and God went with us to show us His creation.

As we travelled west, we saw His hand in the forested lands of the South. We witnessed the evidence of His power in the storm-torn areas from Pensacola to Louisiana where God said to us "See, what man has built up, can be torn down in but a day."

We continued into Oklahoma where, by a lake side, He said "See what a glorious palette from which I can paint a sunset?" Further in He showed us that by His marvelous hand he creates salenite gypsum crystals just under the surface of a massive inland salt plain where we could easily free them up to take as souvenirs. As we continued westward, we saw massive farm lands where man plants wheat, corn, and soy. Even there God said "By my hand they grow or whither." We also saw great plains-lands where God's breath blew over grasses that He grows for His creatures and man can range cattle.

We drove into south-eastern Colorado where desert-like areas lead into hill-country where His creative genius put rock formations that come from seemingly nowhere, and great valleys have been gouged out to leave land fertile enough for trees and grass to grow. Even here he said "See by My great flood, I created such stark beauty."

As we drove north from Pueblo Co., we were surprised by the suddenness by which the Rocky Mountains leap to the sky in long lines as far as the eye can see. We drove to the top of Pike's Peak where He said "I've seen the Pyramids that man has made, and they are pretty impressive, now consider this mountain upon which you stand and look west!" and sure enough, there were peaks higher upon which snow always keeps company with the clouds. "They will endure for longer than the pyramids if I tarry. These are small compared to My Himalayas."
He said, "Look down from here." and we did and saw how insignificant man's cities are. Where only some buildings are higher than His trees. From 14,110 feet up, you can't even discern many roads, and only then by the straight lines they sometimes make in the landscape.
Later, in the evening, we saw the glittering lights of the city and God said "Look up." From the millions of visible stars we saw more beauty than any city lights.

God showed us His small things too. We witnessed many of His flying jewels, the hummingbird. How the light flashes off their feathers as they cavort in the air or hover to take a drink from a feeder.

We drove homeward via New Mexico, where God showed us great Mesas that he caused to be. We even saw Volcanos that He thrust up through the ground.

Back through Texas, God showed us great farm/cattle lands where occasionally we would see man's machines pumping Gods fuel from the ground. As we drove through Amarillo, God said "Watch while I stir up the clouds and drive mighty thunder-storms and hail!". All small compared to Gods ability.
We continued through Texas for two days and He guided us through hot, dry weather to warm wet.

Back through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, we saw His hand in the rivers, bayous, and wetlands He made.

Through it all He kept us safe, He showed us His creation, and He showed us He was still everywhere. He continues to keep His control over all!

What a Glorious God we serve!
How grateful we are to have seen His creation on our journey!
And how glad we are to be home.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Read a neat article today that reminded me of our latest trip with the kids.

On news that Hurricane Wilma had blown through South Florida, we decided to change our vacation destination from the Keys to Chattanooga TN. We'd been through there before on a previous trip but hadn't stopped to look around. We figured a trip to "See Rock City" and Ruby Falls would be a nice change. We also planned to take the kids through the Aquarium they have downtown then hit the zoo.

The Rock City and Ruby Falls had a special price going for both attractions and the Aquarium so we bought the combo tickets and toured on. If you've never been to Rock City or Ruby Falls, I highly recommend them at least once. It's amazing to see God's handiwork up close and be able to stand on top of a mountain and see 7 different states!

What's that got to do with butterflies you ask? I'm getting there... As nice as it was, the trip to the Aquarium was even nicer (in my opinion). Picture two massive buildings, four stories tall, and each with a glass greenhouse-like structure at the top. One building was dedicated to fresh-water plants and animals, the other to salt habitats.

It was at the top of the ocean building that we found the butterfly garden.

You pass in through a door with an air-jet blasting down at you to keep the butterflies from flying out and step into a quiet world of colors of both plant and flying varieties. There were over a hundred butterflies flitting from flower to wall to plant everywhere you could see! There was even a window into the hatchery to see the myriad of cocoons with their vibrant jewel-tones hanging upside-down awaiting the metamorphosis that would birth a new creature.

Having been warned not to try and catch the butterflies, my second eldest (9yrs) picked a flower upon which one perched (goes to show you kids can think outside of the box). Soon all the girls were gathered around her and shortly had obtained or allow butterflies to crawl on their hands, careful not to touch the wings. It truly is a treat to see the wonder and delight in a child's eyes when they study new things! It helps to remind me not to take so many things for granted that I lose the joy of learning.

We didn't get to see the zoo that trip as the Aquarium took up most of the day!

It was truly a trip worth taking.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Long time - no blog

Wow. I realized I've not posted in over a year! You'd think it's because not much has happened, but au contrair (or something like that). Much has occurred. Hmm... where to begin...
  • We found out we were expecting another little one so I got busy in Sept.-Oct. designing an addition to our house to create some new space for our home-schooling and playroom to free up some bedrooms used for those things.
  • Nov. 04 - Mar. 05, we poured the foundation, raised the walls, roof, sheeting, siding... well you get the picture. We did most of the work ourselves (or myself) with the help of some great friends when needed and contractors when necessary (slab, siding, a/c). I'm thinking of bloggin that experience alone for anyone who might consider doing it themselves.
  • Late Mar. 05 our baby girl was born!
I guess that last one about counts for the rest of the year besides work and such.

Oddly enough, my prediction for the price of gas to go up to $3 per gallon by the end of 2004 was incorrect. It's there now but lets not get me started on the legitimacy of that. I think someone has calculated that for the price to be where it is now, the cost per barrel would have to be around $90. Oops, I got started anyway, sorry.

Other than that, not much is happening in NE FL. Our prayers go out to the victims of Katrina and Rita.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hurricane Frances

Well, that was, um, fun. Never been through a hurricane before and am sure I don't want to do that again. NE FL. got high winds, loads of rain, and power issues galore (we still don't have it at the house). But all in all we were extremely fortunate that the storm was down to a catagory 2 by the time it actually hit whereas if it had remained a 4 there would've been a greater amount of damage throughout the state.
Our prayers go out to those on the Bahamas and those in central/south FL that had more damage and are still hanging out in shelters.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Nuclear Testing Fallout

Wow, I just read an interesting submission to Slashdot today Here, about the fallout patterns from the nuke tests (both above and below ground). Look like the state of Delaware (I was born there) was covered several times with the stuff from multiple tests.

I wonder if that explains why my grandfather (paternal) had skin cancer, my grandmother (also paternal) had thyroid cancer as did my father, and why recently my uncle passed away from pancreatic cancer?

I know it's a long shot, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Update:  Here's the pic.  Had to get it from the Wayback Machine.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Road Trip '04

Ok, so I'm on vacation with my family and kids in the mega-suv and was passing through southern Tennessee today (Did I mention this was a major road trip?), and we are suddenly stopped on the freeway (as in parking lot). We're about 4 miles from the last exit and can't turn around to go another way if we wanted to. Anyway, we start to look around at the others in our unfortunate position and besides the truckers, we seem to be in the middle of a college bash. I mean people from all different states and walks of life.

So we're thinking "What's up with this?", are we near a college town or what? It's not long before we notice a car with "Bonnoroo or Bust". So what's Bonnoroo? There's several thousand cars in this line with us and it's starting to give us the impression of some sort of WoodStock revival. Well, come to find out , sheesh that's what it is. We've been so out of touch I guess that we've never heard of this.

Oh well, had to go online at the hotel to find out what it was that kept us over an hour and a half off our schedule. Sounded pretty interesting if I were 10 yrs younger or maybe more plugged in to the latest music stuff. But I've got to say that one of the reasons I'm not plugged in to the latest would be that I can't find anything I like. It seems to be either too commercial (aka Brittany/Boy Band), or too bizzare/angry/bitter/sappy. But I guess most of it isn't even my interests.

Most of what I listen to is either Christian based, or instrumental. Not what you'd call "main-stream". Oh well. I think it'd be interesting to attend Bonnoroo or something like it, or at least to hear some of the stuff played there just to get a clue of what's out there to form an honest opinion. I imagine that some of those bands are truly trying to make a statement or difference and are not tied in to a corporate entity.

By the way, did I mention that a Yukon costs over $55 to fill at todays prices? I was the celebrity at the pump. The folks around me were amazed. If you see us on the road, wave.

Oh well, Ciao for now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Latest on Gasoline

Ok, Now we've done it. NE Florida has finally followed much of the nation and gone past $2.00(US) per gallon. Someone told me it's expected to go to $3.00 by the end of the summer (unless the gas companies stop their extortion). My theory is: Per year, bring the price up to a new high, bring it down (but not nearly as low as before) when everyone finally screams loud enough, then the following year go to a newer high. And so on.... this way they get the pricing/profits up incrementally. All while blaming OPEC.